Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Snapper and the Griffin

Tuesday April 1st, 2008 (No fools we!)

The idea for this blog came with the photos of Madame Shawshank of Penrith and a Sussex Griffin. She, the Snapper places a photo upon the page. An image of any kind. I, the Griffin then must respond with a tale of somesuch.

You the reader, whom we hope merely to amuse at best then comment or respond yourselves to the image of the Snapper. This we hope may inspire you to create, to regard images anew with your imagination's fire ablaze with glory.

We both wish to thank the Wondrous Clotilde Dusoulier, Cook, Blogger, Divine Parisienne and Ange de Gloire for being our inspiration and for her site - www.chocolateandzucchini.com without which Madame and the Griffin would never have met or experimented with this idea, much to the amusement (fortunately) of our fellow C&Zers.

Do visit the site and cook yourselves happy.

Welcome to this our House of Tales.


Rosemary in Utah said...

Madame, Griffin--you've begun!

Kelley said...

Well hello there, New Blogger! How wonderful to see your words scattered so gracefully over the Internet(s)!

kymee said...


Ah my sweet Girish shall published works be denied?? NEVER!!! Now you must get to work and write, write, write!!!!!

*kymee snatches up the chocolates and proclaims "I will hold these for you dear while you work that pen" bwaaaahahahahaha

Barbara said...

Oh Damn I wanted to be the first to comment.

Well done you guys.Looking forward to seeing/reading more.

How wonderful to begin on April 1st.

Amazing said...

Hey Griffin :)

This is great!! I love to read your thoughts and find yet another place for us (all) to connect.

with Love,

johnsilence said...

Has anyone seen my slightly weird older Brother around here? Could've sworn I left him in a small brown paper bag outside Cyberspace, smiling inanely and smelling of chintz. Could he have been stolen by the "Yellow Peril"... [cue unnecessarily dramatic Music] Don't miss next week's exhausting episode of... oh god I'm losing the will to live...

madameshawshank said...

to all:

circular table set...the crispest cloth...white of white...glasses gleaming...each magically with liquid of choice..the glasses seem to know joyously automatically..'n a suitable feast of course..'n so we begin...table always set..morning noon and night..no 'CLOSED' sign on this door:-)

Griffin said...

Hey Mr Silence,

Dude, I never smelled of chintz, only vinegar and soap with a hint of raspberry jam. You're right about the bag tho'. It was small... but it was all the housing I could afford.

No, no closed sign on the door. Only a half-asleep cat by the oven in the kitchen. He's still not getting my chicken, so there.

Exmoorjane said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog.. I'm fascinated by this - such a great idea. Shall return and read more (been here far too long today as it is). j