Saturday, 25 October 2008

The Marvellous Moonroot has nominated myself and the Mighty Snapper for a Kreativ Blogger award.
I am hopeless with much of these things, however I shall follow Moonroot's example and hope it all works!

Firstly I the Griffin (Madame La Snapper will do hers later and I will put them up here), shall nominate 6 others for said award. Now this gets tricky because there are a lot of fabulous others out there. It would be like asking me my top six books or top six painters... I'd struggle, sigh and then go looking for chocolate or cake... or chocolate cake.

Still, here goes, he said taking a deep breath and clicking his heels together... oh wait, that's getting home.

Well to start with, thanks to the pictures and the cats... thank goodness Pixie is on the mend! Like Moonroot, I have become addicted to the three beautiful cats . For his wit and because he is such a handsome cat I also love Don Estorbo the Dominican Cat.

Amazingly, she's an actual Follower, which is something because she's quite a wonderful artist and likes the utterly imaginative, but I do like a visit to the Hermitage and I don't mean the Russian one either (tho' I wouldn't say no).

As a Scorpio, I love Cancerians, I just do and three of them (ok so I'm cheating) I like for their wit and general loveliness. Moonroot - just because she is so strong, like Artemisia Gentileschi another heroine of mine. Another is Cooplet because she reminds me what it's like to be young and at university again. And the third is Livia at Magic in These Hills for just being. The three of them are gentle, strong wonderful presences.

Another favourite is where I met Madame, my faithful Snapper without whom I wouldn't have made this blog thingy - Chocolate and Zucchini. Clotilde who runs the site is a woman I admire very much. She has been a computer programmer and is now a superb cook and author. She's also a wonderful young woman.

Tho' I am more of a cat person than a dog person, I can be persuaded (usually by the dog in question, 'hem, 'hem) and Mitch the bookshop dog is a favourite for his exceptionally dry wit and remarkable self-restraint in the face of provocation. He will make you think before you go into a bookshop about how to be kind to the bookshop owner.

Ok, now it gets tricky... But I love crafters, especially textile crafters, among them; Jodie for the Selvedge dress, Jennyflower for being a delight, Incywincy because she does fabulous buttons and things, Sharon at Iris & Lily for her wit and giving me both a giggle and making me realise how right she is about things, Purple and Paisley because in this weather a quilt is invaluable and also she does some fabulous stuff.

But in the end I think my sixth would be The Awakening Heart, because she is just lovely. Funny, warm, witty and easily a fabulous mum (even if she doubts herself sometimes)!

And there's the six things I like... again highly tricky because there are too many things I like, but 'ere we go...

Books - I am addicted to books and especially stories. I love myths, legends, folktales and folk/faerie lore. among the writers; Shakespeare (everything of his), Chaucer (Canterbury Tales), Colette (Claudine novels), Rimbaud (most of his poems), Baudelaire (poems and essays), Mallarme (L'apres-midi d'un faune), Hammett (everything of his), Chandler (same again), Mervyn Peake (Gormenghast) and so on and so on.

Chocolate - do I really have to explain? One of the five major food groups. ...ok, one of my major food groups. But only the dark stuff - I cannot eat milk chocolate any more, too cloying and sickly. I can actually be bribed with either Green & Black's Maya Gold or Hotel Chocolat champagne truffles. Sad but true!

Fashion - I should explain that having once and briefly been a costume curator, I fell in love with historic fashion. I collect contemporary high street women's wear and shoes, which I love. It's amazing how many people seem to think this has something to do with my sexuality... even tho' it doesn't. Beautiful things are just beautiful - regardless of your sexuality.

Cats - I wanted to be a Siberian Tiger when I was a kid. They are the biggest cats and beautiful with it. I was skinny, shy and had a weak heart. Given the choice I would much rather have been a tiger. I still cannot pass a cat without wishing it 'Good prowling!' or just saying 'hallo'. Cats appreciate manners... and food. Especially food.

Women - All my role models and teachers in my early life were women. Whatever else is wrong with my life, I have always had amazing women around to be inspired and amazed by. I have more second family sisters than brothers and the majority of my friends are women. I love, admire, respect and trust them.

Art - I mean fine and decorative arts. Lalique jewellery, Wedgwood ceramics, Cashmere shawls from the Regency period, Victorian Gothic revival, the Royal Pavilion at Brighton, Berthe Morisot, Artemisia Gentileschi, Jackie Morris, Sofonisba Anguissola, Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, Ivan Bilibin, Aubrey Beardsley... and on and on...!

That's just me. The wonderful Snapper gives these places as her favourites.

sixandahalfstitches : clear 'n wondrous photos coupled with language that's honest. about a bird's nest "and we can have small conversations about its purpose, it's life, and it's role. Oh, and reassurance the bird who lived there has found a new home and is quite safe to a 5 year old very concerned about it's safety and well being."

paperforest : since paper is one of my favourite things I celebrate a visit to the forest. inspiring..

chocolateandzucchini : what can one say! 5 years of Clotilde and her readers sharing sharing sharing thoughts opinions recipes suggestions ~ the generosity of the site! it's breadth...and its growth..

frenchlessinfrance : photos that take me there, immediately. open book benches scattered with example...I imagine sitting on one. this blog is a charming guide ...

elegantsufficiency : the joy of never quite knowing what will appear. each visit is enriching 'n a delightful stretch of imagination. plus Stephanie sent me one of her screenprinted tea towels wrapped so sweetly! 'n the charm of the main illustration.

btchwstix : things of knittingworld plus photo stories ~ the latest? some set designs from the film "Practical Magic" including a particular leather chair I greenly with acceptable envy crave!


Purple and Paisley said...

you are such a sweetie...thank you so much! i am honored! =)

The Awakened Heart said...

Awwww - thank you Griffin. You do me much honour. I'm touched by your nomination and very much enjoy your comments on my blog. You're an eloquent man. Agree entirely with choc and tigers. I think I used to have a power animal that was a tiger when I was really small. I used to see it leaping at me as I was falling asleep. Slightly disconcerting really! I always thought I would enjoy working in a museum. Something about being surrounded by all those wonders of ancient cultures - you must write a blog entry about some of the amazing things you have seen there. I was always a big fan of the Persian Winged Bull (courtesy of the writings of Dion Fortune) and of course Egyptian and Mayan mythology I just love. Anyway, thanks again.

Rima said...

Well well, I am honoured indeed.. thanks Griffin for the award :) I am glad you enjoy my Hermitage...
I liked reading your facts.. and agree wholeheartedly with green & blacks and folk tales :) And here's a little trivia for you.. I went to the same school as Mervyn Peake :)
All very bests to you

Griffin said...


Love your stuff and the Treadle looks like a treasure trove. It wasn't run by a Mr Ali Baba by any chance?!

Awakened Heart, working in a museum is great fun, even tho' there are serious things to remember (don't juggle with the glassware, that kind of thing!) but the money is terrible and that's if you can actually get a job in the first place.

In my first museum I was cataloguing some ancient Egyptian pieces, wonderful tiny ushabti figures. But handling Faberge cosmetic boxes, a Wedgwood version of the Portland Vase, a Lalique vase and a Tang dynasty tomb figure of a horse (over 2 thousand years old) that was something.

Oh Rima! How amazing! Thinks - it must be something in the school food! I went to school with Peter Cook's daughter Daisy, but that's it. She was nice from what I remember.

jennyflower said...

Why thank you poppet. You are, quite obviously, a man of impecible taste.

Estorbo said...

Meester Greeffhen: muchas gracias. Por the narmeenacion an' the weet. Bod ees so carmplicaded. I yam yos a cad. Eef I play I mos' leab a carmend arn the blargs I narmeenade to tell them? Adbice, por fabor...

Griffin said...

Estorbo, as a cat, you can play or not to play as you wish. But you could tell the wooman what to put and she could play at your command.

I say command because a cat may look at a king. Humans only get to be kings and not usually very good ones at that. All cats are much better kings of their own domain.

Sharon said...

Why, thank you Mr.Griffin, you're too kind!