Friday, 12 December 2008

Gadzooks! I have been tagged! Tagged by the wonderful Awakened Heart, a mum of some distinction as so many mums are. A Tree of Happiness Award at that. I am much impressed by the trees and their beauty, I always have been since my mum first gave me a shiny horse chestnut as a toddler.

I am no expert at this sort of thing, but here goes... The things that make me happy (and that are not all chocolate related... mostly).

First, the rules of the award:

• Link to the person who gave the award to you.
• Post the rules on your blog.
• List six things that make you happy.
• Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
• Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog
• Let the person who awarded you know when your entry is up.

1. Books... and more books... with some books to go with the books. As Ye Awakened Heart says, 'Stories feed my heart and soul and Reading helps me grow up big and strong.' Yep, and more yep. But also reading about art history and history generally and philosophy and oh just lots of stuff.
2. Costume. Historical and admittedly mostly womens wear. Why is menswear so utterly dull?
3. Writing. Not just typing / word processing, but physically writing by hand in a fountain pen... with black ink and in Chancery script in a proper sketchbook and everything.
4. Cats. Just being around them. Stroking their beautiful, lithe bodies and hearing their purring. Talking with them... usually while they are staring at me and trying to tell me to feed them.
5. Those fabulous, clever, funny, witty, beautiful women who are my friends and whom I love. They are my role models and inspirations.
6. Er, chocolate. Especially champagne truffles, but I'm not fussy. Tho' I do prefer dark chocolate, not milk chocolate.

The second bit of this, is that I am supposed to nominate six tag-ees to be tagged. So 'ere we go.

1. Jodie at Ric Rac who is the Selvedge Queen and a fabulously talented and beautiful craftswoman.
2. Sharon at Iris and Lily another fabulous crafter
3. Ruth at Cooplet who is one of the most amazing students... ok, and crafter! Very talented and utterly charming.
4. Livia at Magic in these Hills, a fan of goddesses - both human and otherwise. Suitable being a bit of a goddess herself.
5. Rima from the Hermitage who is an illustrator, story-maker, wit and soon to be a traveller among the landscapes of Britain.
6. The Purple Goddess is THE wise, funny, warm and wonderful Goddess in the Kitchen the other being Clotilde Dusoulier at Chocolate and Zucchini.


Livia Indica said...

Aw, thanks Griffin, you're a sweetheart. My post is up!

Sharon said...

Thank you Mr.Griffin! Such kind words and a fabulous list too!

Griffin said...

Livia, Sharon, you are welcome. It is always good to read the words of such witty and wise women.

Indeed, if it weren't for a witty and wise woman - the Snapper, this blog would not have happened.

madameshawshank said...

congrats mr storyteller extraordinaire!

purple goddess said...


you are DA BOMB!!

I haven't been arounf much due to a nasty fall and a fractured rib, but I will get onto this post haste!!!

Griffin said...

PG... have you been playing Aussie (No) Rules Footie again?!