Wednesday, 18 February 2009

In a Quiet Place

No, this isn't a tale. Both the Snapper and myself are feeling like hiding away for a bit. Quiet places are required where we can consider and reflect.

For my part, I am ready again to go deep down into the heart of me and possibly not come up again. Daylight is over-rated and dreaming night is more of a balm. Daylight more of a BLAM!

We will return, but for now, we are both in our own quiet places, running silent, running deep.


JenMeister said...

I have enjoyed reading your tales. Hope you have a relaxing break.

Erin said...

Thank you for your wonderful tales and enjoy the quiet.

That is one of my favorite movies.

Sharon said...

I'll miss your beautiful stories and the wonderful pictures. Don't be gone too long!

Jodie said...

May your rest be restorative and fullfilling.
You take the greater risks Griffin and have the greatest need for repose. Once restored, may glee fill the world and may all the naughty fairies dance to your tune.