Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Jofus and Lally

I would like to dedicate this to Jodie at Ric-rac for whom I originally wrote this. I've edited and lengthened the hem since! For those who don't know, Jofus and Lally are two mice, created by the highly talented Jodie.

Jofus and Lally went to sea in a charming blue boat,
With a napkin sail that the wind blew free;
"I do hope you and me, shall stay afloat"
Said Lally dreaming her dreams most mousey,
While Jofus fed her cheddar ice creams.

Hither they went and also yon,
Over the waves of the Melted Brie
Behind them the moon ahead the sun
And they went in a boat to sea.

The Moon-eyed Cat did prowl and sniffed
"I smell mouse supper," he said to the flowers
Who answered not, in their dreaming adrift
in earthy, loamy soil amid the grassy hours.

Jofus and Lally passed olive rocks and boiled kale;
And celery stalks that crunch and crisp.
Their boat was carried by the Friendly Whale
Through French Dressing oceans with a wisp
Of garlic and a hint of mustardseed.

And they slept amid fabrics of all kinds.
Safe they were, o safe indeed
From the Moon-eyed Cat, left behind.

Go stare at the Moon, O fatal Cat,
Go stare at the seas and wonder at
The sharp wind that makes you sneeze;
Where the garden ends and gulls do fly.

Jofus and Lally sail on a breeze
Far away now, o far from the eye
Of the Cat that prowls in the long grass;
Whiskers that twitch and tail that lashes
And paws that pad as the Cat shall pass
Like a storm that thunders and crashes.

Jofus and Lally, far, far away
Sleep now 'neath moon at close of day
Long tails wrapped round each other
Bravest of mice fearless of bother.

Jofus pulls a blanket over fair Lally
For to the Isle of the Blessed they go
And they may not shilly-shally
For the wizard Wise Abednego
Shall wed them in mouse matrimony
To live ever after in sweet harmony.


Jodie said...

I Love it !!! Such grand times for two tiny mice
With your permisssion , I'll print it and hang it in the sewing room !

quiltygal said...

Just found your blog through Jodies beautiful writing I will certainly be back loved the old radio story....

Griffin said...

Jodie, you don't need permission, they are your mice after all. Now all you need are the photos and the book is there!


Glad you like it and that you'll be back. Most of my tales are written in the spirit of folktales, the radio one was an exception, but may not be now that I've done it...!!

madameshawshank said...

BRAVO! simply delicious and delightful ...

Griffin each tale is a treat...this one was treat +

'n I do believe I can hear Jofus and Lally applauding with joy..

REread said...

very runcible spoon !! lovely post :)

Selina said...

love this! I've seen your comments many times on Jodie's blog, thought I'd pop by... not disappointed!


Griffin said...

Glad you like it Selina. Or should I call you... the Chenille Queen?!!