Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sasha Drummond, Secret Agent... an Episode!

Sasha moved as quietly as possible along the metal catwalk. Far below her in the warm darkness the robots continued to make more of themselves. They had to be stopped - but how? Who was the mysterious maestro behind these mobile tin cans?

At the slightly opened door she paused. The darkness around the catwalk was inky thick. Only the bleak lighting high above the doorway showed the catwalk in all its steely menace... and the door slowly opening. She took a defensive stance and waited for a moment.

"Come in my dear, I have been expecting you." a metallic voice crackled.

The door opened wide revealing a narrow corridor of gleaming metal and light. Her rubber soled shoes would insulate her to a degree, but she hoped that Gaskin had insulated her clothing or any electric current flowing through that corridor would sizzle her in a jiffy.

She moved cautiously forwards springing through the doorway into the corridor and like a trap, the door slammed shut behind her. She passed through the corridor unharmed. Clearly the metal master wanted her alive for the moment at least. Eventually she entered a high, wide room where at a seat surrounded by banks of computers sat her enemy. A tall woman with a flawless face and steely grey eyes.

"Welcome to the New World, Miss Drummond. Soon my robots will be everywhere and nothing you can do will stop them. You have done well to come so far, but you have - to be candid, been somewhat of a nuisance. So I'm afraid I'm going to have to switch you off."

"Who are you?" Sasha asked backing away.

"I am the Metal Mistress, the Queen of the Scrapyard. I was - Dr Electra Gaskin, daughter of your very own Gaskin. But now I am - Aerialla or to you - Death!"

She moved towards Sasha slowly and as Sasha turned to run, the doorway she had entered suddenly closed. She was locked in with Aerialla and there was no escape. Aerialla moved in slow assured strides towards her victim, but as she did so, Sasha ran about the room in apparent terror. She began to see that this was the control room for the robots. They were not autonomous as she had previously thought.

She reached into her jacket pocket for her revolver, but Aerialla had caught up with her. Grabbing Sasha by the shoulder she flung the young woman across the room. Sasha bounced off the metal floor, the gun flung from her hand and rolled onto her feet. Aerialla laughed and Sasha, hearing the crisp metallic sound gasped in horror. Aerialla was a robot! Where then was Electra Gaskin?

She dodged the robot, dived and rolled until she was within the bank of computers. Quickly she pressed all the buttons she could before the robot grabbed her by the neck and began to crush her. Sasha felt a warmth invade her and spots appeared before her eyes. Aerialla's fingers were inexorable. Quickly she kicked with her feet at the computer consoles, stabbing at them with her steel stilettoes. There was a sparking and hissing. Then she was flung upwards and collided painfully with the metal walls before crashing to the floor.

For a moment all she could do was struggle to breathe. She fought with her aching body, struggled to turn onto her side until she saw within her reach, her gun. She reached for it, her fingers closing with agonising slowness about the grip until it was in her hand. Then aiming at the computers, she fired. Aerialla turned then and with a flick of her body somersaulted towards Sasha. Sasha rolled across the floor and fired at the robot. Then she was up somehow, shooting at the computers until they fizzed and sparked and began to catch fire.

"It's all over Aerialla. Where's Electra?" she yelled.

The robot struggled to rise but the computers no longer functioned and instead the robot was still. Sasha pulled her mobile phone from her pocket but it was broken in the fight. Where was Electra? Was this the end of the Robot Menace? Will Sasha Drummond Secret Agent get out alive?

See next week's thrilly espisoda!


Jodie said...

bugger sasha,
What about those poor robots !!!
Will they go to a retirement home? Be outsourced to community care?

oh dear ......

bad penny said...

goodness - I can't wait !

Griffin said...

Most likely they will be er, recycled... but don't worry, they'll be stayin' alive!

madameshawshank said...

Maybe Woody Allen could use them for "Sleeper II".

Storyteller G, your robot mentioning got me thinking of "Sleeper"..goodness gracious 1973!!! I need to see it again...time for serious laughter..

Griffin said...

Just be careful not to hide in the Orgasmatron, that's all!!!