Monday, 26 October 2009

The Snapper is down, the Snapper is down!

Charlie, Bingo, Foxtrot... the Snapper is down with the Lurgi, repeat - Snapper down with Lurgi. Also, her computer has crashed... in a foreign field.

The Lurgi Baron is still at large and has taken no losses... will nothing stop him?!

Have decided to go after him in the trusty Lurgi-Destroyer... will radio back when he is destroyed...

Charlie, Bingo, Foxtrot... what does that mean anyway? Can't I just say, F.A.B like they did on Thunderbirds?


snowflakes4sam said...

Take care Snapper hope you and your computer are feeling better soon. Sam

madameshawshank said...

golly sure an egg could be cooked on my head!

however, WELLBEing is on the horizon..I will focus :-)

bad penny said...

hope the snapper is up & snapping away again soon

Rosemary in Utah said...

Hmm.. I received an email from Snapper a few days ago. But tho' the address details seemed correct, the content was just silly spam--not Madame!
Charlie, Bingo, Red Alert indeed!

To the *real* Snapper Shawshank--
be well!

madameshawshank said...

Oh Rosemary in sooo sorry..some @)#(%&*@)(%& got in to my password now..

as for imagining WELLBEing...'n coming to terms with the oncoming heat of Oz...

perhaps if I think in terms of Ice Queen :-)

am looking forward to the next Griffintale

Sharon said...

Mr.Griffin that was the funniest (and longest comment) ever recieved at Dust H.Q! Dustin Hoffman- stroke of genius!!
Pass on my best wishes to Madame Shawshank for a speedy recovery.(I'm actually still laughing away to myself here!!)