Friday, 20 November 2009

Our glorious scientific age made us forget the hidden world within our own. Nobody believed in the Elemental Trilogy of Earth, Air and Sea that sustains the glorious people once called the Aelfar. The old dragons were unseen but they had not gone away. They slept deep and long. In the earth, covered by hills; in the sea covered by sand and coral and in the sky, drifting on the long clouds.

The hidden lived quietly, detached from our follies and noise. They did not care for many things we did and still do - occasionally they were forced to act, but on the whole they kept themselves out of the ways of human beings. They let us believe that the earth belonged to us. Allowed us to swagger under the sun and moon, smug in our scientific majesty and as we saw it our superiority.

So we did until the large ships appeared over our lands - long dark craft like menacing splinters of shadow. Suddenly in that moment our magisterial science seemed as if we were but children playing with matches. There was much speculation, but on one thing all were agreed - these were not visitors come in peace. Everyone was afraid and while governments tried to contact them, the owners of these craft were silent for a while - studying us and our language.

Then, four days later the message came, short and frightening:

"This world will now be ours. You will serve us and some of you we shall have for our food. Your weapons may be used against us if you wish. It will briefly amuse us, after which we shall land and command you. You have another four days to prepare yourselves for surrender."

National leaders assembled and talked, desperate for a solution to the problem. Computer hackers sent up hundreds of viruses to the craft, which were sent back destroying the hackers' computers. The solution was non-existent to humans and it was with horror that governments advised their people of the fact. Many tried to hide and prepared themselves to die. Some planned to commit suicide rather than be slaughtered.

Now through all this, the Aelfar had been roused to anger by the invaders. They sent scouts out to awaken the dragons and tell them of the invaders. The ancient magicks of the planet gathered together to attack the dark science of the invaders in the skies. We had thought this world ours, but the hidden world was a part of the very planet and it was always their world more than it had ever been ours.

The invaders did not know of the Aelfar or the hidden world any more than we did. They found our when clouds gathered about their craft. The awakened air dragons, roused from their slumber slipped through unnoticed past the defensive barriers of these splinter craft. The Aelfar flew up to join the air dragons, but remained hidden in folds of sky. They could feel with agony the iron in the ships and sent the earth dragons to the ships.

The air dragons bit deep into the craft and their every icy breath froze up the internal systems of the ships. It froze the atmosphere within the ships until the aliens themselves began to freeze. They turned blue and dared not touch anything including each other for fear that they would become frozen to what they touched. They curled up in whatever warm clothing they were wearing and it was not enough.

The earth dragons settled upon the ships as the defensive barriers fell and sighed against the ships. The iron and gold seeped into the dragons, creating micro-fractures in the hulls. Without the iron in their way, the Aelfar now attacked. They placed enchantments upon the ships that drove the aliens wild with fear so that they attacked everything including themselves. The micro-fractures in the ships were widened also.

In terror, the aliens pushed their wounded ships upwards toward space and the Aelfar returned to earth with the earth dragons. The air dragons instead pursued the ships and now breathed fire upon the rearguard ships. These frozen ships, now feeling sudden heat, cracked and exploded. With growled ancient words the air dragons flung the fragments at the voluminous mother ship. The mother ship drew the splinter craft to her and turning fled.

But the Aelfar knew that the aliens now had the knowledge of the languages of Earth and in the deserts of the world they made one word to be seen from space, just one word - if. It was meant to signify that if they returned to take Earth, the Aelfar and the rest of the hidden world was waiting to defend their home.


madameshawshank said...

Mr Griffin...this one's a beauty...

I'd love to have a chat with a being from elsewhere..perhaps not these dudes..however am really curious :-)

I'd ask: Do you laugh?

Of course I'd know Elsewhereian speech!

bad penny said...

this gives me hope Griffin ... what for I'm not sure !