Sunday, 5 September 2010

Goodbye Sweetest Rose

O Glorious Rose your open, delicate, radiant bloom
In brightest summer had it's time and fullest state
Fading from the sweetest flower to autumnal tomb
Sad reminder of time's glories and our final fate.

In gentle Spring we welcomed your fair flower
In all it's delicate, vibrant, perfumed loveliness
A symbol of lovers glory and Summer's balmy power
Yet we too must fade, like you in cool autumn sadness.

Fair Rose, like you I aimed up for my place in the sun
Growing all my hopes and glories such as they were;
Tho' truest love, fame and wealth I never had - in sum
I attempted all not wisely but well, my sorrows to conquer.

O but Goodbye Sweetest Rose, now slumb'ring autumn's here
And like you I must my flower fade into the withered and the sere.

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