Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Beach Cleaning and a World Challenge

Hannah, daughter of Jackie Morris the artist and friend to cats and dogs is hopefully off to Peru with World Challenge. The cats have allowed Hannah a message on their blog at http://wethreecats.blogspot.com/ because they are kind cats. She writes on the cat's blog.

  As a fundraising activity, I am going to be doing a beach clean on the less accessible coastal beaches that you will have seen on mum’s blog, as every year much debris is washed up on them and never really gets cleared away. As most of them can only be accessed by boat. This will not only benefit the wildlife and local community, but I will also be donating half of the funds raised to Save The Children, who carry but projects globally, and of particular interest to me in Peru. Any support would be gratefully received.



 In order to gain access to the beaches, which are inaccessible from the land Voyages of Discovery are loaning Hannah a skipper and a boat. Ffion, the skipper, is loaning her a dry suit and she will have to jump overboard and swim ashore then bag up as much rubbish as she can and swim it back to the boat. With luck she will be able to clear much of the plastic, and most importantly the bits of netting and wires that tangle the seal pups that will be born on the beaches later in the year.
If you would like to sponsor Hannah please send cheques, made out to Hannah Stowe, to c/o Chris and Julie at The Moshulu Shoe Shop, New Street, Paris House, St Davids, SA62 6SN.
As I commented on their blog that I would see what I could do, here is one of the things I can do. I am full of admiration for anyone who has the get up and go to do such things... mainly cos my 'get up and go' got up and went some years ago. So if you can help Hannah, I am sure she would be very grateful and it would broaden her mind and help her to see another culture very different from her own. Which I am sure would make her even more of an amazing young woman than she is.
Good luck Hannah!


madameshawshank said...

Griffin Dear...must disagree with you on your 'my 'get up and go' got up' bit....the very fact that you've posted what you've posted and the reason behind the posting ...well, for me, that's evidence of someone very much with a get up and goness...'tis all realative...so do as Hannah is doing, and some do as you've done with this post...bravo to both I reckon!

sand buckets of love and hugs

madameshawshank said...

oops...that should be soME do as Hannah is doing :-)